About Ridgetop Research  

An institutional investment research firm headquartered in New York City, Ridgetop Research has served a diverse client base since 2008. Representing many of the world’s leading fund managers, Ridgetop Research has developed a system that streamlines the process of recruiting industry professionals with the right background and expertise needed by individual clients for specific projects they have under way. The firm’s primary areas of focus include global surveys and panels, custom recruiting, and independent and primary source research.

Ridgetop Research’s founder and chief executive officer, Chip Emery, has built a diverse analytical team that has a wide range of targeted skills and abilities. Mr. Emery embarked on his research career in 1997 when he began selling services to buy-side institutions for the investment firm Multex. In 2002, he joined the team at Vista Research, where he established himself as a pioneer within the rapidly evolving investment information industry.